Princesident of Sugar Rush, tyvm.

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pathwaysintoinsanity sent:
Have you ever had someone play as you, only to make you drive backwards and make you lose on purpose?

YES. Which sucks gumdrops, by the way! I’m programmed to only race occasionally as sort of a secret racer for gamers because I normally just show up on the title screen or in the stands in my princess outfit. And even then I still have to be in the top nine in the Random Roster Race, so it’s a lot of work to get to be a playable character. It’s kind of lame when the gamers do that as a joke.

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Anonymous sent:
Aside from Taffyta, which of the racers are you in a close relationship with (in a non-romantic way, mind you)?

Close relationship, huh? Well, I make fun of Rancis a lot. Does that count? And me and Gloyd are pretty tight. I’m close to them, but I also talk to everyone else as much as I can, ‘cause that’s the duty of the princesident!

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afrozillastudio-deactivated2014 sent:
Ok i think i stopped all the universe blowing up stuff. But i think i'm in a different universe..

If you have a time travel watch, don’t you have a teleportation thingy or somethin’?

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vanillataffyfan-deactivated2013 sent:
No problem... So if I come to Litwack's tomorrow and play sugar tush, you'll be on the roster right?

Yeah, sure! You’ll definitely play as me, right? We’ll leave the other racers in the dust!

choushin-of-animation sent:
Sheesh.... sure have a way with words doncha Glitch?

Heh, I didn’t mean any harm, Taff! No need to frown!~

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Anonymous sent:
why do you have so much swag


vanillataffyfan-deactivated2013 sent:
I'm back... This time my sister wants to talk to you ... My sister says "Hey, cutie. I like your dancing"


cornelius-orangeboar sent:
"Oh, I'm Cornelius Orangeboar. One of the newer bonus racers here."

Orangeboar?! Are you related to my buddy Gloyd or sometin’? Why haven’t I met you sooner?! Nice to meet ya, pal!

Good luck, buddy. I’m gettin’ some more butter.

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